The Psychedelic Society

Of The Netherlands

Our mission:

To promote the safe, informed and responsible use of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness – to support healing, personal growth and the evolution of culture.


Come out and find like-minded people at our lectures, meet-ups and parties. They’re very gezellig.

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About Psychedelics

Are you curious about what psychedelics are, what a trip is like, or how to use them safely?

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Join The Tribe

Join the community to #FindTheOthers, make new friends and have interesting conversations.

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Why a Psychedelic Society?
For decades, the use of psychedelics was mostly being discussed in hush voices. A quick cultural flare-up in the middle of the 20th century caused an unfortunate panic among the powers that were, resulting in stringent laws forbidding their use in many countries worldwide.

Those days are coming to an end.

A new psychedelic renaissance has emerged. Scientific interest in their workings is on the point of break though, the internet has made them widely available to the interested, and positive experiences with psychedelics no longer have to be kept silent.

The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands wants to give community and understanding to those who like to share their experiences with mind-altering substances, and reaches out to all adults who like to know more about their workings.

2017 End Of The Year Party Highlight

A video impression of our last End of the Year party, featuring a lecture about ayahuasca by Arno Adelaars and a screening of Embrace of the serpent. See you for the next one?

Video: Spelt Productions

Support the Psychedelic Renaissance

We are just a group of volunteers working in our free time. Come and find out how you can support us!

Support us by shopping at our friends

Buying through our links gives you a 5% discount at Azarius smartshop, and gives us the financial support we’ll can use to keep doing what we do 🙂

Mushroom Growkit Ready-To-Go

No expertise required. All you need is water and a warm place to put down this box. You’ll have your own magic mushrooms in about 3 weeks time. Easy peasy!

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Hollandia fresh truffels

Hollandia is one of the best selling strains across the Netherlands, used in ceremonies or recreationally. They are powerful, so stick to the recommended dosage. One package contains 2 trips.

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Dream herbs

These African dream herbs help with guidance through dreaming, lucid dreaming and increased awareness. For the true oneironaut.

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Sitter service

If you don’t feel comfortable having a psychedelic experience on your own or without professional supervision, one of our experienced tripsitters can support you.

We know all about set, setting, dosage and the properties of different substances.

We’ll help to set you up for the safest possible experience, and are there to guide you if something difficult comes up.

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