Halloween Special – “Hans Plomp: Psychedelics & The Hereafter”

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Date(s) - 30 October, 2016
18:30 - 22:30

Kokopelli Smartshop

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Entrance is €5 at the door, including Halloween treats.

Hans Plomp (born 1944) is a Dutch author and poet. He took part in the counterculture movement ‘Provo’ in the sixties of Amsterdam, which started a short lived psychedelic revolution.

In 1973 he founded the cultural freeport Ruigoord, still a famous “colony” for avant-garde artists, (dance) events and festivals. Het is the author of many books, including Tantric Picnic, Psychedelic Perspectives, and ‘Uit je Bol’ (the first Dutch manual for conscious drug users). He also contributed to the magazine P.A.N. Forum (Psycho Active Network) and stills hosts happenings for poets and ‘psilluminati’

His talk will be about his journeys and investigations in other dimensions, especially what we call the “Hereafter”. This will concern former lives, near death experiences and contacts with deceased psychonauts (like his friend and Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog). He will discuss the role different psychedelic substances can play in exploring these realms beyond the illusion we call reality.

Hans will speak for about one hour. Afterwards there is room for dicussion and to share our own experiences.The evening will be in English.

Hans expresses the essence of his lecture with his poem:


Before birth and beyond death
we travel and unveil
what no-one is allowed to know
by priests and scientists
who closed the gates of paradise
and call insane and crucify
the ones who break the laws
of slavery and fear.

We eat the magic plants,
forbidden by false gods:
the Tree of Knowledge
and the Tree of Life.

We peek through keyholes
and perceive other dimensions
and we realize that Paradise is here
for daring fools, psychonauts,
who go inside themselves
to find the key.
Daring explorers
whose curiosity
opens the stargates to eternity.

For more info about Hans:

[Interview] https://azarius.net/news/661/Hans_Plomp__explorer_of_the_mind/ (also in Dutch)
[Book] http://www.uitjebol.net/ (the online book)
[Bio] https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Plomp

Image source: Alex Grey

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