Why try and re-create the wheel? There are so many psychedelic substances there really should to be a special encyclopedia for them – oh, there is: Psychonautwiki. User-created and constantly updated, it’s a living repository of our State-of-the-Art understanding and the perfect place to begin any research. Learn to distinguish dissociatives from deleriants from nootropics, the visual & cognitive effects of dozens of natural and artificial substances, and learn tips for safe practice.

There are more resources and psychedelic content online than you will ever manage to consume in one lifetime. Here’s a brief selection of some of our favourite YouTube channels, podcasters and news sources:

Drugslab – fresh-faced young Dutch adults take drugs and describe their effects. Silly, fun, informative.

Controlled Substances – fellow Dutchman Thijs Roes takes a more gonzo approach to taking drugs, describing their effects, etc.

Erowid – very US-centric, but still the biggest, oldest home for street-level psychedelic knowledge. – founded by a former CNN journalist who saw the error of her ways on ayahuasca, quit and established this site a couple of years ago. Good, sensible news and opinions on the use of (mainly herbal) drugs for health and happiness.

Psymposia – at the higher-brow end of the psychedelic spectrum, this elegantly designed site looks at issues like psychedelics & identity, cognitive liberty and psychedelic therapy.

Reality Sandwich – mystical, pagan, Burner Chic, West Coast witchery, drugs & consciousness evolution; that kind of thing. Great offbeat topics from some of the best psy-writers around. – popular webcasts and info source on shamanism and conscious culture (sex, more Burning Man, etc).

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