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Please note that the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands does not provide or recommend taking any psychedelic substances. The service is directed to people who are willing to take psilocybin truffles which are legally sold in the Netherlands in smart shops and want to do it at their own risk. Please remember that psilocybin truffles are illegal in the majority of other European countries.

We are happy to announce the launch of a sitter service that we now offer as part of the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands activities. The sitter service is a one on one session with a carer with vast experience in psychedelic states and knowledge of human psychology and cognitive functions. The participant will be responsible for buying psilocybin truffles and bringing them to the session. The sitter will only provide a safe set and setting for the psychedelic experience. As part of the service, we will inform you about the risks and make sure that there are no serious contraindications for you to take the truffles. Additionally, we will provide you with preparation and integration activities for the session. We use a scientific and therapeutic model of the psychedelic experience to enable you to have a memorable and long-lasting positive effect.

The therapeutic sitter service provided by an accredited therapist

There are three standard frameworks which can be always adjusted to circumstances:

 The three-day program (cost: 1750 euros)

Day 1 – 3 hrs preparation session

Day 2 –  truffles session

Day 3 – 2 hrs integration sessions


The core six-day program (cost: 2500 euros)

Day 1 – 3 hrs preparation session

Day 2 – first truffles session

Day 3 – 2 hrs integration sessions

Day 4 – 2 hrs integration session

Day 5 – second truffles session

Day 6 – 2hrs final integration (can be via Skype)


The extended support program (cost: 3500 euros)

This extended program adds extra preparation and aftercare to the regular 6-day program. The preparation consists of 3 weekly (1 hour) Skype sessions in the three weeks preceding the 6-day program and may replace or reduce the ‘homework’. The extended aftercare includes 5 (1 hour) Skype sessions during the following three months

If you are interested in arranging a session please email us on and please indicate which option you prefer.

Did you have a challenging psychedelic experience and have no one to talk to? Or maybe you want to work on your intention and would like to get some tips on how to make more out of the psychedelic session?

We now offer preparation and integration consultations either in person or via Skype.

The cost depends on the person running it. There is a possibility to have an integration with a cognitive scientist, who has helped numerous people to integrate psychedelic experience but is not a therapist. For this option, the cost is 50 EUR per hour. Our therapist charges 120 EUR per hour. If you would like to discuss how many hours you need, you can have a quick chat (up to 10 minutes) with one of us for free.

Additional details on the sitter service.

The therapeutic sitting service is dedicated to people who may already be on the path of healing, who have an understanding of their own problems and who may already have addressed these but who feel stuck and are seeking support to understanding and applying these insights into their daily lives. Or you may be overwhelmed by the different therapeutic options and do not know where to start.
The service is provided by two experienced facilitators (female and male) for balanced support and safety. Facilitators are a qualified psychologist, and a coach trained as a psychedelic ceremonies guide.

Depending on your needs during the truffles ceremony and whether this was agreed in the preparation session, you will have the chance for an active therapeutic session with the therapist and experienced guide who will empower you to communicate effectively with the subconscious.
The facilitators will support you in recognizing and transforming possible bad trips into a healing and positive outcome. A wide range of methods can be used to help with the experience including breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation and re-programming of the chosen subconscious beliefs.
After the psychedelic ceremony, there will be one or more integration sessions to assess what was achieved, to reflect on the intentions from the preparation session and you will receive written feedback with recommendations for further development and possible next steps. The facilitators will be available for additional appointments if this is needed or desired.

This service will be given by a London trained psychologist recognized by the Dutch Instituut van Psychologen. Her areas of expertise include multiple psychological models such as hypnotherapy, neuro-mindfulness, childhood trauma and a wide range of mental health therapies. The other facilitator is trained as a psychedelic ceremonies guide and has guided hundreds of ceremonies for clients with a wide range of intentions.

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